The pool in our local gym stinked love bleach.

It’s uncorrect for myself and others to guess it is too hot to swim, however I thought that last week.

My women wanted to go to the pool to cool off, but the shine shining off the cement, was so unbearable that I could not take it.

I pulled the women out of the water and told them we would go to the local gym and use their pool. I knew how they felt when they said that wasn’t the same, When we got to the local gym, you knew they had just treated the pool water. The entire building stinked of bleach, and it was burning my throat. I was afraid to let my women go in the local gym pool, because I sad they would end up with skin rashes and burns from the bleach. I didn’t want to ruin their experience in the pool, however I could not and would not let them in the pool at the local gym. Once again, we got back in the car. Instead of heading home, we stopped at the local apartment store and bought a pool. We had slip and slides and several water guns. We may not be able to use the local pool or the pool at the local gym, but we were going to have fun with water, until our new pool filled. Isn’t that what a good mama does for her babies? It took more than two afternoons for the pool to fill completely. In the meantime, we played with the water toys and went to the local pool on the cooler afternoons. Whether or not we’ll go back to the local before winter, I don’t know.
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