It’s Heating up In Here so I’m Off to Cool Down Some

The air conditioning in my flat is not working well so it is getting pretty hot here today.

I think it is actually cooler outside now so I am going to go for a long ride on my bike to cool off a bit.

The sea is a cool 74F so taking a dip in it sounds like a great idea right now. I will see if any of my friends are out there playing ball and may join them for a game or two. If nobody is playing then I will try to find a climate controlled cafe and do some writing. I need to come up with some new songs for us to play on the streets as we have been singing the same songs for months now and they are feeling kind of stale. My HVAC rep is a songwriter and has some great songs he’s given me but he has moved away and now I will need to come up with my own songs. I think we sang about ten songs of his but now it is time to get my mind going and write some new lyrics. I may even sing a song about air conditioning seeing that I don’t have it now in my flat and it is heavy on my mind. The HVAC company is going to come out next week to take a look at my HVAC system to see what it needs to get it working again. I am sure they will solve the issue quickly and get me cool again at home.


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