I was afraid my personal fitness trainer was going to chop myself and others in half.

Last week, I joined a gym that provided personal fitness trainers.

For a man I was petite.

I was several foot several, and weighed 110 pounds. I needed to get in shape, however I needed someone who would give myself and others a push. The first day that I went into the gym, I introduced myself to the receptionist and told them I was there to meet with a personal fitness trainer. She looked myself and others up and down and smiled. I heard her call a name over the loudspeaker, however I was too nervous to pay attention. When the personal fitness trainer came toward me, I made myself a little smaller. She was at least a foot taller than myself and others and absolutely double my weight. She was not the type of personal trainer that I wanted to get angry because I was sure she could chop myself and others in half if she wanted to. She told myself and others she was going to start myself and others out on weightlifting with lighter weights. I didn’t have much problem with this, but when she began with the exercise, I wasn’t sure I was going to survive. I wondered who told the personal trainer push up and chin ups were simple ways to start out exercise for a beginner, however I refused to back down. Two weeks later, I had gained thirty pounds and muscles. I was cheerful I sought a personal fitness trainer. Although she wasn’t gentle, she help myself and others get the results I was hoping for. I can’t wait to see the swings that will occur over the next multiple weeks.


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