Decorative Residential Privacy Films

Decorative residential privacy films are a brilliant solution for defining interior spaces while preserving daylighting and preserving a sense of spaciousness, as they are easy to apply and offer a number of standard designs and customization options.

Window films offer a wide variety of benefits and can be used in a number of ways.

The reduction of transparency of your windows can offer a degree of privacy without the use of curtains or blinds. Window films can even block the view of your home from the outside while allowing clear outside views from the inside. Various opacity levels are available for privacy films so you can control how much light enters your home. They are ideal for west-facing windows and for UV ray reduction. The entire residential window film installation process takes a fraction of the time it would take to install blinds, curtains, or sunshades. Decorative window films can also help reduce your energy costs by filtering out hot sunlight, especially on east- and west-facing windows. Residential decorative window films add unique patterns and details that can enhance any style of window with beautiful character and texture. Glass paneled kitchen cabinet doors are very popular, but homeowners often want to hide the contents inside. If you use privacy films, you don’t have to line up your dishes to look neat and tidy. A privacy film in a shower is the perfect solution for a busy family bathroom. With privacy films, you can prevent strangers from looking through your sidelights while still maintaining your entryway’s original style. The look of etched, treated, and textured glass is timeless, beautiful, but also expensive. With residential privacy films, you can mimic the look of these glass types at a fraction of the price.



Residential Window Film