A Day of Robot HEPA Cleaning Machines and Nothingness

I just want to melt into oblivion today and forget about all of my worries and thoughts.

How do I do that? Hmm, I think a healthy way would be to do something that brings me joy and just give myself to it without thinking of anything else. The only problem is that both things that I love doing require a lot of physical exertion; volleyball and drumming. And my shoulders are pretty tired today from doing each of them several times over the past week. I may just go to the beach and relax with music. My HEPA filter was really dirty as I just cleaned it and I need to remember to do it next time after three months pass instead of the six months that went by this time without cleaning it. I can hear my little robot vacuum cleaner doing my job for me and it makes me smile knowing that I won’t ever have to vacuum this flat again by myself. I think that is one of the best gadgets I’ve bought in the past ten years, except for my mini split air conditioner in my bedroom, which keeps me cool and sleeping well. I like my robot vacuum cleaner because it is equipped with a HEPA filter and really does a good job of getting all of the dust that settles on the floor. I don’t even need to mop the floor anymore because the robot has a mop attachment and it works great. You gotta love how far modern technology has come to make life easier.

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