A Beach Chair and Some Good Music

I think I am going to spend my evening in the sand listening to music in my low riding beach chair.

I did a lot of exercise over the past few days and am pretty tired so tonight I am going to relax and let my body heal.

I have to teach a volleyball class in two days to 20 kids so I need to reserve my energy so I can do a good job. They are paying me $50 to teach the kids some skills for an hour and then let them play on my net. The HVAC business which is supplying portable air conditioners for the kid’s birthday party is going to have some employees there too who will help me with the kids. One of the HVAC techs’ sons will be at the party so he is going to help me keep everything under control. I like to teach ball to kids, especially the ones who like the sport and want to learn. The son of the HVAC tech is good at volleyball and he is only seven years old so I am going to focus a bit more on him to see what kind of potential he has. So this is why I am going to rest up today and tomorrow and try to do the best I can at teaching these kids the sport I’ve been playing for so long. I will go back to work at the heating and cooling corp next week as I have been on vacation for the past ten days.

a/c worker