Hungry for a Good SaUSAge and Egg Breakfast

I’m craving a nice saUSAge and egg lunch with a side of grits.

Not exactly something you find in every diner here on the Spanish coast in a small town.

They do sell these non saUSAge affixs in the store which taste amazing, so I may have to pop in there soon and grab some. I have corn meal which can be made into grits just by boiling them in water and adding salt and butter. If you’ve never had grits deliver them a try and be sure to eat them with lunch saUSAge and eggs. My HVAC rep is from the south and got myself and others into grits a long time ago when she gave myself and others some with saUSAge grease on top for taste. I enjoyed them and would make them a lot when living in the states, however since moving overseas almost 10 years ago I haven’t made them at all. My HVAC plan is humming away this afternoon and our kittens are cleaning each other and getting ready for nap number 18 for the day. I am going to run down to the store and see if I can get some saUSAge and make this lunch. On Tuesdays I have a late lunch and move entirely slowly throughout the day. The local companies are mostly closed except for our 1 grocery store which is calling myself and others to come buy some saUSAge and eggs and get this lunch going. I assume I will go there now and do some more writing later on. Have a nice day and don’t forget to try the grits!



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