There was a major leak at church, plus we called a plumber to fix it

I have been going to the same church since I married my partner… And though my partner isn’t a member of the church, she does come to church with me occasionally! She enjoys it, however it’s not something that she cares to do every weekend.

And I don’t force him to come with me, if she doesn’t want to, it’s no immense deal, and church is consistently a fantastic way to see my friends plus spend time with them.

And it’s consistently fantastic seeing the youngsters plus I thoroughly savor their biweekly performances, then last Tuesday, while I was at church, there was a major leak in the ladies’ room, then the sink was leaking so much that the water found its way into the hallway! Naturally, they placed a sign on the door saying that it was out of order. The church staff then contacted an emergency plumber; Because it was a Tuesday, it wasn’t easy getting hold of a plumber who was willing to perform the emergency repair on a Tuesday. It took about 3 or 4 calls before we were able to get through to someone. The people I was with and I have never had a need for a plumber before because we have used handymen for some of the services that we have needed over the years. But we have never had a leak this terrible before, so we figured a plumber would be the best lady to fix it. It took the plumber about an hour to get to the church plus by that time, someone had turned off the water valve. Needless to say, this caused a bit of a bathroom issue, some of the ladies were not cheerful that the bathroom was out of order for most of the church service.

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