It’s Heating up In Here so I’m Off to Cool Down Some

The air conditioner in our flat is not working well so it is getting pretty warm here today.

I know it is actually cooler outside now so I am going to go for a long ride on our bike to cool off a bit.

The sea is a cool 74F so taking a dip in it sounds appreciate a enjoyable idea right now. I will see if any of our friends are out there playing ball & may join them for a game or several. If nobody is playing then I will try to find a temperature controlled cafe & do some writing. I need to come up with some new tunes for us to play on the streets as all of us have been singing the same tunes for months now & they are feeling kind of stale. My HVAC rep is a songwriter & has some enjoyable tunes he’s given me but he has moved away & now I will need to come up with our own tunes. I know all of us sang about 10 tunes of his however now it is time to get our mind going & write some new lyrics. I may even sing a song about air conditioner seeing that I don’t have it now in our flat & it is heavy on our mind. The HVAC contractor is going to come out next month to take a look at our HVAC system to see what it needs to get it working again. I am sure they will solve the issue quickly & get me cool again at home.

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