To make it cooler

If you live in a very hot climate a good way to be able to help your central air conditioning system cool your home quicker is to close the blinds and keep all major lights off.

Just a small little lamp to see will do.

Because when you have sun blasting in your home or have a lot of lights on, it is causing more heat and making your central air conditioning system work overtime in order to cool your home. It will not only give you indoor comfort a lot quicker, but it will also save a little energy because the air conditioning system will not have to run as much to cool the house down. This was a little energy savings tip I got from some website I was reading on the internet. After reading this i decided to try it and it worked like a charm! I could not believe I did not think of this on my own a lot sooner. I have had it much easier cooling my home in the hot summer time months of the year ever since I started following this simple energy savings tip that I read on the website on the internet. There were other energy savings tips as well about heating and air conditioning that I am also going to try. One of which was getting some portable heating and air conditioning equipment and using it to reduce the use of the central heating and air conditioning system unit. That is going to be a bit of a small investment so it is not something I am going to do anytime soon.

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