All I had was the window AC

When it came to Heating and cooling products I did not have very many.

I know a lot of other people that had several HVAC products but the only HVAC product that I had was a simple window AC system and that was exactly the way I liked it. I used to have a central air conditioning system but I soon discovered that it was too much for me and I did not need something that was that complicated. I found that simply by placing the window AC in a window to cool my house and it was all I needed during the summer months. I didn’t even really need a heater because where I live is not very cold and winter is almost non-existent. Seriously, we have maybe two weeks of actual cold winter here and that’s it the rest of it is very warm and sunny all year round. That is why I use the window air conditioning system, it’s great for when the summertime weather is out when it’s hot. The summer is here can’t get pretty scorching so it is nice to have a good quality AC system. No need to have a good heating system. I am thinking about upgrading to a better air conditioning system, I’m thinking of something like a ductless mini split AC. Something like that. As long as it can cool my house efficiently, that’s the main thing that I want. I have had several people comment on me only using a window air conditioning system as well. Some people cannot wrap their heads around it, it is what works for me and so that is what I’m going to continue to do.
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