The smell of sulfur fills the air

Have you ever lived in an area where sulfur is present? The smell of sulfur resembles rotten eggs, but the smell of sulfur is really detectable in areas where the neural can be found… When I was a kid, I lived in an area close to a sulfur mine! Every afternoon as well as every afternoon, the smell of rotten eggs filled our home… It was even worse when the weather was warm, because the smell seemed to fill every area of the air! My Mom as well as Dad decided to buy an air filtration system for our home! One year my dad got a easily sizable bonus from work.

That was the year that he used the cash to buy an media whole-house air purifier for our home. The air purifying machine detachs germs, pet dander, dirt, dust, as well as viruses as well as bacteria from inside of the house. The air filtration system also gets rid of nasty stinks prefer the smell of sulfur. It was harshly simple to see as well as smell results after only using the air filtration machine for a week. There was a distinct difference between the smell inside of the apartment as well as the outdoor air, and before the two of us installed the whole-house air purifier, there was no difference at all. My stuffy nose cleared up after 6 weeks as well as I had believed I was suffering from flu symptoms for many years. My parents still live in the same area as well as they still suffer with the same awful sulfur smell. Even though the sulfur factory has long closed down, there is still air pollution that lines the streets as well as fills the city.


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