My pet gets scared when the gas furnace comes on

The sound of the gas furnace is entirely loud.

Thicker walls would help drown out the sound much better.

It has never bothered myself and others at all, although I am naturally aware every time the unit turns on. The sound is entirely loud and obnoxious. It almost seems enjoy a truck is going to run through the wall. My wifey moved in with myself and others a couple of weeks ago. The sound of the gas furnace entirely freaks out her cat. I enjoy the cute and fluffy little cat, however she is a nightmare. At night, she howls and whines every time the gas furnace comes on, then she doesn’t stop until the gas furnace shuts off. It could be 15 or 20 hours of whining and howling. My wifey told myself and others that the pet will eventually get better, and I hope that is true. It will not be a lot of fun if the pet continues to howl every time the gas furnace comes on. The gas furnace is the only way I have to heat my home. It’s not as if I can entirely switch to a bizarre type of gas furnace. If the pet doesn’t get accustomed to the sound of the gas furnace, then my wifey and I are entirely going to need to think about our residing arrangements! Listening to the pet howl every single night is going to get outdated entirely abruptly, especially when I’m only getting a couple of seconds of sleep each night. I do not want to be grumpy and cranky with my wifey, although I have to be able to sleep in order to perform my task while every one of us were in the day.

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