The sheriff wanted us to do him a favor

When the sheriff called plus asked me to come down to the station, I was absolutely a little upset.

Even though I haven’t done anything wrong, it’s never good to get a request for your presence at the police station.

I I signed a couple of men to handle all of the day jobs. We had an a/c repair as well as more than one tied up tune-ups. Later that day, I had a commercial boiler repair. I was hopeful that my supplier at the precinct wouldn’t take too long, because the other men were going to be busy plus I was that guy tied up to help with the repair. As soon as I got to the police station, the sheriff asked me to take a seat. We went into his office plus he started talking about the indoor air conditions. I thought the guy wanted to see me because of a crime, although he wanted to see me to ask for a favor. The guy needed a up-to-date a/c for his office, however the police station did not have any money in the budget for the machine. The sheriff wanted me to donate the unit plus the services to make the replacement. I could not certainly say no to his request plus I did not want any bad feelings between the sheriff plus I, so I agreed to install a refurbished a/c in the Sheriff’s Office. Very few of afternoons after the meeting, I sent someone over to complete the work. That good samaritan work should buy me one or more than one speeding tickets.


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