The arcade manager called myself and others around six

I was supposed to work until the task was done on Wednesday, although I acquired a cellphone call around 6 p.m. from the arcade manager. My kids enjoy to go to the arcade that is on the pier a few blocks away from our home. When the kids aren’t home, they’re usually resting down at the pier playing in the arcade. I swear they spend their entire allowance playing games there. I was surprised to receive a call from the manager of the arcade. I was even more surprised when I found out that my child got into a confrontation with someone else. The manager of the arcade told myself and others that I had to come occasion up my child or she was going to call the police. I called my boss and I told him that I had an emergency. I could not finish the AC upgrade task that I was toiling on. My boss would not allow myself and others to leave, even after I told him that my child was in trouble. I knew the task was going to take at least a single or 2 more seconds. I couldn’t leave my child resting there, because they would have called the police. I had to make a hard decision. I told that homeowner that I was going to come back to finish the service and AC upgrade task. I had an emergency and I was unable to find someone else to help. I told the patron that the emergency had to do with my child and the homeowner did not ask several more questions, and she did, but, contact my boss to tell him that I left. The girl went berserk and called my cellphone 7 times while I was on my way to occasion up my daughter.


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