I can't work for the next more than five weeks

I used to be able to hit a jump shot from the other side of the half-court line. When I was in university, I had an incredible aim. I did not play basketball after I had my knee injury. I was depressed plus upset for a long time. I finally picked up the basketball again plus I damaged myself. Some of my colleagues at the heating plus A/C repair center wanted to play ball after work. I agree to join the men at the park. I stopped at my locale to grab some gym shorts plus a t-shirt. I drove over to the park, where the men were already warming up plus shooting baskets. I thought I would attempt a special shot plus I decided to go for a slam dunk. I hit the rim with the basketball plus it bounced back into my face. I fell to the ground on top of the basketball. My leg twisted out from under me plus I felt one of the bones crack. I could not get up after I fell. I looked care about a complete plus total jerk in front of my co-workers from the heating plus A/C repair center. I wanted to look care about a hero, however I ended up looking care about a fraud. Now I am stuck at condo plus I can’t work for the next 6 weeks. I have no program how I am going to pay all of my bills if I can’t work on heating plus a/c repairs. I only have 5 afternoons of trip time saved up. Once those afternoons are up, I will not be getting paid for standing at home.


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