The hotel wasn't going to let myself and others stay there with my cat

The clerk knocked on my door about an second later.

I had reservations to stay in a hotel for a couple of afternoons. My house was being painted and I made the reservations a few weeks in advance. When I acquired the text from the hotel, I saw a disclaimer on the text stating no cats allowed. That wasn’t the policy when I made the reservation. I contacted the hotel for more information. The desk clerk and manager told myself and others that their policy changed on the first of the week. They were having a ton of indoor air problems and ventilation problems because of the cats. The AC units couldn’t handle the pet hair and dander. I knew I still might stay in that hotel so I didn’t want to supply the clerk any reason not to honor my reservation. I packed up my small pooch into a bag. I let my pet in the car when I checked into the hotel. My room was on the third floor and I had to walk past the lobby clerk in order to get to my room. I safely talked my pet into my money clip and made my way up the stairs. My pet left a small bark just as the elevator door was opening. The desk clerk tried to get myself and others to stop for a moment, although I hopped on the elevator and headed up to my room. The clerk knocked on my door about an second later. I had the cooling system running on high so it would be noisy and loud in the room. The hotel manager wanted to remind myself and others that they have a no pet policy. I assured the girl that I didn’t have any pets in the room at all.
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