Dog hair can cause major indoor air problems

Dog hair is a major problem for homes with multiple pets. Dog hair can wreak havoc on a central heating and cooling system. Dog hair can become cabind in the unit as it passes in and out of the evaporator coils. The dog hair can keep the idea from working properly and it can decrease the longevity of the machine. Dog hair can clog up the air filters and the air duct, leading to problems with warm and frigid spots throughout the home. When a customer calls myself and others with a problem that sounds savor a dog hair issue, I typically ask ahead of time if they have pets. It’s an crucial area of the puzzle that can help myself and others make a determination more quickly. Last month I had a customer that called. She complained that there was a problem with the ventilation system, because she always had dirt and dog hair on all of the surfaces in her home. I asked the lady about the last time that she changed the air filter. Because she could not remember the last time the air filter was changed, I deduced that it had been quite a while. Air filters are the first line of defense against indoor air pollutants savor dust, dander, and dog hair. Of course, it is crucial to have the right air filter for the job. If you have a beach apartment with multiple pets, you should have an air filter that is also made for multiple pets. I recommended a strange genre of air filter to the customer and I also suggested that it would be helpful to sanitize and clean the air duct.

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