The ductwork cleaning and sanitization worked really well

The ventilation system expert agreed.

My mom and dad came to visit for a month after my son was born. They stayed downstairs in the basement, away from the rest of the house. I wasn’t trying to alienate anyone, but my dad smokes cigars and he refuses to go outside. I did not want the smell of cigars lingering inside of that house. Unfortunately, even after my mom and dad left, the awful smell was still everywhere in the house. It was upstairs, downstairs, and the kitchen, and the bathroom. I tried cleaning the whole house from the top to the bottom, but the smell of cigars was still heavy in the air. I talked to a couple of the other mothers in the kids play group and someone suggested getting the ductwork cleaned and sanitized. I figured that would cost thousands of dollars, but the service was reasonably priced. I contacted a special company that Services ventilation systems, ductwork, air purifiers, and air filtration systems. I made an appointment to have a free estimate and evaluation. I knew the salesperson would probably give me a high pressure pitch, but I never spend money when I don’t want to. The ventilation system expert agreed. Cleaning and sanitizing the ductwork was the best way to get rid of the cigar smell. Even better, they guaranteed that the cleaning and sanitizing would get rid of the odors or they would give me my money back in return. It was hard to say no to the ductwork cleaning service after they offered the money back guarantee.


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