Sanitizing the ductwork to eliminate odors

When my husband and I had our first child, his parents came to stay with us for about six weeks. I was hesitant about them staying in our home because my father-in-law chronically smokes cigars in the house. I knew that no matter what we said, he was going to smoke in the house. My husband and I compromised because we didn’t want to alienate his parents, but we decided to have them stay downstairs in the basement. I did not want the aroma of cigars lingering inside of our house. Despite my efforts, the smell of cigars filled the house and stuck to the furniture. It was upstairs, downstairs, in the dining room, plus the bathroom. I tried cleaning the whole home from the top to the bottom, however the aroma of cigars was still heavy in the air. I talked to a couple of the other parents in the kids playgroup to see if they had any advice. One father advised getting the air duct cleaned plus sanitized. I figured that would cost thousands of dollars, however the service was reasonably priced. I contacted a special supplier that Services ventilation systems, air duct, air cleaners, plus air filtration systems. I made an appointment to have a free estimate plus evaluation. I knew the salesperson would likely deliver a high pressure pitch, but I never spend cash when I don’t want to. The ventilation expert agreed that the best way to get rid of the cigar aroma was through the sanitization of the ductwork. Even better, they guaranteed that the cleaning plus sanitizing would get rid of the odors or they would issue a full refund. When I knew I could get my money back, I figured it was worth at least trying the ductwork cleaning, especially if it meant I’d finally be free of the smell of cigars.
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