Not happy about my parents stealing my AC appliance

I cannot easily believe that my parents stole my window cooling appliance when their appliance was broken.

I would have never suspected that they would do such a low thing, but looking back, it doesn’t surprise me as much anymore.

I spent a good amount of currency on that window cooling appliance. All of us did not have a lot of currency in my family, so I never earned an allowance. I had to mow sod for an entire summer time to be able to cover the cost for a window cooling system. I had to buy a used window cooling appliance, although I did not mind. I installed the window cooling appliance as soon as I could, as well as I have loved the cool air ever since. The only other window cooling appliance in the dwelling is in my parents’ personal room, as well as I don’t let anyone come into my room nowadays. However, recently, my parents chose to steal my window cooling system. Theirs suddenly quit working. It was a legitimately old window cooling appliance. It was even older than mine. It was only a matter of time before their window cooling appliance quit working. I knew that it had happened, as well as I expected them to buy a current window cooling appliance before I came back to the dwelling from school. Instead, I came to the dwelling as well as discovered that my window cooling appliance totally was missing. I confronted them about the cooling appliance, as well as they went on this crazy rant about how they did everything for me as well as how I basically owed them the window cooling appliance. I am done with this crap. I really will have to move out.


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