My parents retired and moved away

After much contemplation and discussion, my parents decided to move to the South and retire.

However, it was a difficult move to make because it involved selling our family home.

That being said, it had been a long time since my siblings and I lived in the house, and we all knew that our parents were getting ready to downsize and take a step back from work. Before my parents made the decision, they asked my siblings and I if we might want to buy the home and fix it up, but none of us wanted to move back to the suburbs. We were happy living in the city with the nightlife, bars, museums, plus restaurants. Shortly after that conversation, my parents made their decision and put the home on the market.They received an offer on the home a couple of weeks later. It was a little lower than their asking price, but it was a nice offer, plus they did not ask them to do any additional work in the home. My parents took the deal and were out of the home within a few months. They moved to a small retirement community down South. The two of them have lots of amenities such as a sauna, swimming pool, and hot tub. In addition, each of the condos is equipped with state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems and renovated kitchens. Since everything is cared for by the community member association, my parents don’t have to think about maintenance and appliances. My parents told me that when they had an issue with the AC, all they had to do was call the association and they sent an A/C serviceman to check on the problem. They did not have to worry about paying for the A/C service or finding a service service… All of these fees are built into the living price for the condo. It’s a great deal for a retired person.

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