Moving into a retirement community

After much contemplation and discussion, my husband and I decided to relocate to the South and retire.

Although, it was a tough transfer to make because it was difficult to sell our home, my husband and I were ready for the next chapter in out story. At this point, all of our kids were grown up and had lives of their own. I thought one of the kids might want to buy the townhouse and renovate it, however none of them had an interest in coming back to our small town. Our kids lived in metropolitan areas with the nightlife, bars, museums, and dining options. After a family meeting, we all agreed it was time to put the townhome on the market. An offer came in within the first week that it was listed on the market. Even though it was a little lower than our asking price, it was a good offer and they did not ask us to do any additional maintenance in the home. My husband and I took the deal and sold our condo 2 months later. The two of us packed up our lives and took a road trip down south to our new home. We had a condo lined up in a retirement community that had all kinds of amenities. My favorite is the swimming pool, but my husband is a big fan of the sauna. On top of that, all of the condos are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and equipment. Residents don’t even need to worry about the appliances because everything is cared for by the condo association. When my husband noticed an issue with the AC, he called the association and they sent an A/C specialist to check on the problem. It was not our responsibility to worry about paying for the A/C repair or finding a repair service. All of that is paid for by the price we pay to live in the community. It is a really great way to spend retirement.

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