Getting rid of the smell of smoke

Earlier this year, my brother stayed with my husband and I for a few months.

We asked that he stay downstairs in the basement, away from the rest of the house… I wasn’t trying to alienate anyone, however my brother smokes cigars and will never go outside to do it.

I did not want the stink of cigars lingering inside of that house. Even though I tried to be proactive about the smell, the stench of cigars lingered in our house for months after he had left. It was upstairs, downstairs, and even in the living room. I tried cleaning the whole home from the top to the bottom, however the stink of cigars was still heavy in the air. I talked to some of my friends about it because I was running out of ideas. One of my friends suggested getting the HVAC duct cleaned as well as sanitized. I figured that would cost thousands of dollars, however the repair was reasonably priced. I contacted a special supplier that Services ventilation systems, HVAC duct, air cleaners, as well as air filtration systems. I made an appointment to have a free estimate as well as evaluation. I knew I didn’t want to spend money for the sake of spending money, so I was careful to not fall for any far-fetched sales pitches. The ventilation program expert agreed! Cleaning as well as sanitizing the HVAC duct was the best way to get rid of the cigar stink, however even better, they guaranteed that the cleaning as well as sanitizing would get rid of the smells or they would provide a refund. Once I knew I’d be able to get my money back, it was difficult to say no to the HVAC duct cleaning repair.

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