Wood making business and HVAC

I don’t have to quit due to being too hot or too cold now

I am really into making wood furniture. It started out as a hobby that has now turned into my side job. My plan is eventually to have a workshop and make custom wood furniture full time. For right now I am slowly building my business client wise and building wise. I recently found that investing in quality HVAC is key for my wood furniture business. Did you know wood is really susceptible to temperature changes? If the indoor air quality is too dry, the wood can crack and split. I have a heater that I run all wintertime long and I have paired it with a humidifier. It makes the worksite feel warmer and my wood is protected. Also, if there is too much humidity, the wood can swell and warp. That is why I use an air conditioner during the summertime and a dehumidifier. I don’t need to worry about damaging my wood anymore. Due to COVID, the price of wood has gone up quite a bit too. I don’t want to wreck any of my batch for whatever reason. Investing in HVAC and air quality equipment was smart to keep my business thriving. I also enjoy having quality heating and air while I work on my pieces. I don’t have to quit due to being too hot or too cold now. I also am more apt to have people come into my physical worksite since it looks and feels more professional now. Just a small addition of HVAC really changed the feel of the business. It was worth every penny.

Air conditioner installation