His AC needs drive me crazy

We all have things about our partners that drive us crazy.

My husband is incredibly cheap.

Anytime we go on a trip somewhere he wants to stay in the worst hotel to save a bit of money. He never wants to go out to dinner, the movies or do projects around the house. He also feels he can do anything better than me. I have banned him from the kitchen since it annoyed me that he would tell me how to prepare dinner. He has never cooked in his life! The worst is his AC needs however. My husband is nuts about air conditioning. I think he runs a few degrees hotter than most people. He also isn’t really good about thinking about other people. He sets the thermostat at a super low temperature and I am supposed to deal with it. I hate that in the summertime I wear pants and a sweatshirt in the household. I am that cold. Anytime we go anywhere in the car, the air conditioner comes on. He wants to shut all the windows and just blast AC. I really don’t like air conditioning. It kind of makes me sick and I hate the feeling of that cold air blowing all over me. I would rather just be kind of hot or rely on a natural breeze. There is no compromise with that however. I am just supposed to be cold most of my life and deal with that. Sometimes I forget about AC when I book hotel rooms, which is always a major disaster for my husband.

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