Bad HVAC sizing

I tend to overdo things.

  • If a little seasoning is great, a lot more is better.

If I needed a larger car, I wanted the biggest one on the lot. I recently got into some trouble when buying a new HVAC system. I found out that the previous homeowner cheaped out and purchased a smaller heating and cooling machine. It costs less money upfront but overtime is not a smart purchase. The HVAC system that was too small had to run constantly and never go to turn off. It always needed HVAC repairs and care. Finally I decided that I was sick of paying a ton of money for HVAC that didn’t really work. I had the HVAC worker come in and give me an estimate on a newer, appropriately sized HVAC device. Apparently what HVAC dealers do is called the rule of thumb. They do a loose measurement of your home and basically guess on the HVAC size. They also make more money the larger the unit. So while the HVAC professional did recommend one size, he was more than okay when I wanted to size up. I figured bigger is better. I would rather have too big of a HVAC unit than too small. Well the joke is on me now. Too large of a heater and air conditioner isn’t much better. My unit is constantly cycling on and off and costing me money. It can quickly achieve the thermostat temperature but then shuts down. It is not good for the inner workings to power up and down. It isn’t going to last long.


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