The AC was stolen right out of the window

One of our familiar residential customers called myself and others on Sunday.

The customer was legitimately aggravated.

I happened to answer the phone, because the receptionist was in the washroom. The woman on the phone told myself and others that someone stole that window AC component from her dining room window. I was totally plus completely shocked when I heard the news. She continued with her story plus told myself and others that the thieves stole the AC component in the middle of the afternoon while she was taking a nap. He only caught the perpetrator running away when the AC unit. She contacted the police plus got a report, however the homeowners insurance would not pay for the AC component to be substituted. I told the customer not to worry at all. I ask her to hold on the line for a few minutes. I looked into the inventory that all of us had plus stopped plus all of us actually had a couple of refurbished AC units in stock. I told the customer about the units that all of us had available. I told the woman that I would install any of the systems genuinely for free if she wanted to purchase 1 of the refurbished cooling systems that all of us had in stock. The woman was so incredibly glad to hear the news that she told myself and others to bring whatever missing I had that was the cheapest. I actually didn’t take the cheapest AC component to the customer. I brought 1 of the machines that was an substituted heating plus AC device plus I still charged her the same price as the lower-cost equipment.
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