Not a fan of a furnace

If it gets too dirty plus then warms up, then it can catch on fire

I’m not a fan of furnaces. I believe love they are more toil than they are worth! First, you are getting HVAC duct with a furnace! Ductwork just doesn’t make sense to me. Who wants their entire beach cabin the exact same temperature? What about when you cook in the summer time or when you go to bed in the wintertime? Zone control is a smarter option. I also don’t love the upkeep there is with HVAC duct. You need to make sure it is wipe since ahir, dirt, dust, plus animals can get in there. You also need to ensure there isn’t evena miscrospcoitc hole or the energy bills rise up. Another con to a furnace is that they require a lot of work. I believe love my furnace constantly requires a enjoyable cleaning. I change the furnace filter bi-weekly, vacuum out the inside of it plus lubricate the fan motor belt, and even with these bi-weekly tasks I still need to hire out professional heating service. I need a Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier to take a look at the inner workings plus check for rust, dust plus corrosion. The furnace repairs aren’t cheap either when they crop up. There are certain parts, love the heat exchanger, that are priced the same as the furnace. The furnace also is a fire hazard. If it gets too dirty plus then warms up, then it can catch on fire. It also can release carbon monoxide into the air quality. Doesn’t seem love a easily safe system at the end of the afternoon.