Brother is costly to have at the house

Over Winter time break plus the summer time the college kicks the kids out of the dorms.

  • My little sibling used to go apartment with our parents however that was always a problem.

My sibling complained about being treated love a little kid. He hated residing under our parents’ thumb plus being forced to do chores. He talked to myself and others plus I eventually agreed to take him in. So now I get him for a few weeks out of the year. For the most section he is a superb beach house guest. It is nice having someone to go grocery shopping with, see a movie plus out to dinner. I know he has no currency so it is nice pulling him from time to time. It has genuinely improved our relationship. The only snag is that our sibling isn’t a homeowner plus aware of how he is drawbackly affecting our home. He frequently leaves the milk out on the counter plus it goes bad. He never remembers to lock the door when he leaves our house. The worst is that when he is hot, he will turn on the AC plus just leave it. If he gets cold, he won’t turn off the cooling system. Instead he chooses to open a window to let in the natural breeze. Then he will leave to hang out with his friends. So our window is open plus all the AC I am paying for is flying out of it. My AC runs harder plus longer when our sibling is around. It is amazing he hasn’t broken our idea yet. My utility bills are at an all time high while I was in the summertime.


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