Don’t have to purchase new air filters yet

It’s amusing that we are well into the heart of Spring plus I’m still using the Heating & Air Conditioning air filters I purchased before Thanksgiving.

And no, that’s not a 3 pack of Heating & Air Conditioning air filters either.

I’m talking about the air filters that come in a case plus are on the lower end of the air filter chain. Every single Thanksgiving, just before the actual day, I get to the hardware store to purchase that case of less fancy Heating & Air Conditioning air filters. And I put a sizable dent in them between Thanksgiving day plus just after New Year’s day. The reason I choose to purchase so many air filters is because I’m changing them so often. This is the result of having a wife plus kid who go overboard when it comes to holiday candles. Honestly, depending on the night, there could be 50 or more candles being used in our household at once. That’s a lot of candles. And that also creates a lot of burnt candle wax as well. And know where all that burnt candle wax ends up? You got it. The Heating & Air Conditioning component kicks on plus sucks all that airborne candle wax to the Heating & Air Conditioning return vents. Once there, it simply begins to coat the air filter that happens to be in place. Hence all the cheaper air filters. I literally have to replace those air filters every few days plus occasionally more. I’ve got a few more left in the case. But I’ll save them for next year as it’s the time of year that we need to put the HEPA filters back into position. That helps control the pollen in the air plus produce more improved indoor air quality as the air conditioner device starts staying on longer plus longer.

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