Help with HVAC responsibilities

And man, is it ever a big help

Sometimes we all get to a point where we just need some help. That was definitely the case for me when my husband and I split up. The divorce itself wasn’t the big issue. In fact, I think my ex and I are better friends now than we were when we were married. No, it was the rest of life that was tough to deal with. I was living in the same house with the same quality heating and air but now, I had all the household responsibilities. Initially, my ex husband was great and really helped make sure that stuff got done around the house. And he’s awesome with the kids. Yet, I needed to sort of get rid of that crutch and do things for myself. That’s where I needed the help. I had to find ways to accomplish the household stuff that fit into my schedule and my way of doing things. But when it came to the HVAC chores, I was falling down on the job. I even forgot to get the heating maintenance done last fall. That’s not the worst thing given we have a mild winter. But still, not a great precedent to set so I called the HVAC professionals to see how they could help me. Now, I belong to the HVAC service plan. And man, is it ever a big help. They schedule the HVAC maintenance and then send me an email. Plus, I get an automatic text once a month to remind me to change the HVAC air filter!

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