It is fantastic to see representation in the roofing industry

I work for a medium-sized construction dealer, but at our highest, both of us had around 600 employees on board, this was a few years ago when construction was booming but now because of the pandemic both of us have scaled down our crew a lot.

Things are getting better now so both of us are ramping up again & both of us have a few major projects that both of us are executing right now, then one of which is a current residential subdivision that both of us are building here in town, and i work in the office, but once in a while, I get to visit our local task sites.

I love seeing the sites prior to construction & then seeing the finished project, however last week, I had to drop off some drawings to 1 of our Superintendents that he left in my office by mistake, then while on the tasksite I saw a guy who was wearing his full PPE & was resting next to a truck that had a roofing corporation branded on it. I found out that he is the licensed roofing corporation for this project, & that made myself and others feel wonderful to see ladies being represented in the roofing business. That is not something that is official on construction sites where I live, so I was curious & did some research. I discovered that ladies make up less than 1% of the roofing industry. I was shocked to see that the number was so low, even though I also found that 9% of ladies are roofing corporations. It’s fantastic to have representation in the roofing industry & there are support groups for ladies who are interested in pursuing a career in roofing.


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