I may have disappointing advantage with heaters

I’m not sure if it is just because I have disappointing luck, or if it’s because I do not take correct care of my heating plus cooling systems however if there is one thing I do know it is that I have been struggling with having a furnace that breaks down all the time.

I first had an average central gas furnace.

I had it for only one year before it was completely broken. It needed to be updated. I had a new one installed from my local heating plus A/C supplier plus I figured everything would go right this time. Unluckyly, I was wrong. This new furnace did well for quite a while however then after 3 years it too broke down plus needed to be updated! On the ninth heater, which was an electric gas furnace that I had gotten on sale, it lasted me the longest, a whole five years. Unlike the first many gas furnaces however, this one did not really split down plus instead just needed many repairs throughout its life. It lasted 10 years before I need to update it, plus it is my most recent updatement. I was telling some of my family members about this problem I was having with all my gas furnaces breaking down plus they observed a pattern. All these gas gas furnaces were purchased from the same Heating plus A/C business plus both of us all found out a bit odd. After doing a bit of research plus some digging I discovered that this certain Heating plus cooling business was known for selling low quality Heating plus A/C systems, and when I purchased a correct heating plus A/C system from a business that was not of a disappointing quality I observed a good improvement. It was a relief to know that I was not the problem however the quality of the Heating plus A/C units was the issue.


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