I was unprepared for the heat

Everyone warned me about the heat down south.

Since I lived in the north for most of my life, I was excited for a little heat.

I also felt I didn’t need to buy an air conditioner. I figured I was made of strong stuff. I moved in the wintertime and was shocked by the weather. There was no snow, windchill or frost anywhere in sight. The temperatures dropped to the 40s and everyone acted like it was a blizzard. I was walking around without a jacket and feeling toasty. By the time spring came around, the weather started looking like a northern summer. I was getting 80 degree weather every single day. I started watching the weather ahead of schedule. I saw that the summer season gets even hotter and lingers forever. It can get into the 100s and stay sweltering all throughout the fall. I didn’t want to pay giant prices and be boxed out of an air conditioner. I called my local HVAC company quickly to schedule an air conditioner installation. I am so glad I got that done and early. Having a functional air conditioning system is totally worth it when you live down south. I really don’t need a heating system most of the time. I would say that 85% of the year I am running my air container though. I never knew an area could get that warm and stay so hot. In the summer it is even hot at 3am. I have never experienced that before.


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