Glad I changed to a smart thermostat

I have been slowly making updates to my home to make it look modern.

  • It is quite easy to spruce up a home without splitting the bank.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in changing the look of a room. I have painted every room in the house, added current switch plate covers, overhead lights plus throw carpets. I even scrapped the pretzels ceilings plus painted them colorless. Little updates care about that have genuinely modernized my home. I recently sanded all the doors, painted them colorless plus added silver handles. My hallway was a single area I was struggling with. I got my hubby to set up recessed lighting plus a smart smoke detector on the ceiling. The floor stone was fairly current plus I painted the walls. The last touch to making it new was the thermostat. The beige, plastic toggle thermostat genuinely was bringing the space down. I strictly choose a smart thermostat for the look of it. I liked that it had a silver surround plus red innerface. It looked sleek, clean plus modern. I kind of thought I would never use any of the temperature control features. Now that I own a smart thermostat, I would never go back to a traditional method. I adore changing the heating plus cooling from my iphone. I get alerts on air filter swings, energy efficient settings plus indoor air quality alerts. It is so helpful plus easy to do anything for my Heating and Air Conditioning now. I care about that I can change the home temperature no matter where I am too. I frequently begin my Heating and Air Conditioning when I am driving home from work.