We hated having no a/c during our trip

Six university students, 1 van, and 1 tiny rental house on the beach… Every one of us pooled all the currency all of us had – which was not much – to set up everything for a perfect weekend.

Every one of us had boring stuff such as clothes and towels and toothbrushes, and then a trunk full of fun stuff such as wine and weed, but this was not a genuinely nice rental house, however it was the best all of us could afford… Since all of us were all together, with tons of party favors, all of us assumed that the house couldn’t get in the way of our “lost weekend.” Every one of us was almost right! The house wasn’t really bad, however it lacked a now working air conditioner, which became more of a problem as time went on. Even with the windows open to the sea breezes, it was not enough for effectively cooling off such a big and hot venue. During the day all of us spent most of the time outside in the water, however at night that lack of A/C truly hit us all hard. Especially because all of us were drinking a lot, and taking some pills, our body heat was much higher than usual. To cool off all of us entirely went back outside at midnight to roll in the gentle waves, which was nice, however it still would have been better if the venue was air conditioned, and after the weekend was over all of us left a bad review for the owner, because they didn’t confess that the A/C was broken… It turns out the A/C had been broken for more than 2 months, and there were a lot of other downside reviews all of us found.

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