They actually came on time plus did a quick task

I don’t like scheduling any type of appointment.

I have to take the day off from labor plus babysit the guy for minutes, but why do companies always supply a time window too? It isn’t really a window, it is more care about an open garage door of time.

I get windows care about 8am-8pm. I get to wait all day for a guy to tinker around for an minute. Whenever possible, I skip repair dates. I don’t get my oil changed, hire contractors, plumbers or electricians. I try to avoid the nurse whenever possible! Unluckyly I needed an a/c repair stat. I knew it was only going to get worse; My a/c had been leaking water for quite some time. Then it started developing mold. Then rust formed on the outside of the machine. I called the local Heating plus A/C supplier plus told them I didn’t want to wait all day. I ended up getting an appointment before 9 am, then he said the Heating plus A/C contactor could really get the task done before I even had to go into work. I wasn’t optimistic. The guy actually showed up on time plus prepared to do the task! I didn’t even need to rest around either. The Heating plus A/C professional got right to labor plus mucked out my condensate drain, added coolant plus cleaned my machine. It worked perfectly after 45 minutes of work. I had my bill paid plus was on my way to work. I didn’t even have to let my boss guess I would be late. That experience with the Heating plus A/C supplier was a good a single.
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