Reasons why one would want a natural gas heater

Beggars can’t be choosers, so I am trying to keep positive and look on the bright side of things, then my 2020 was a disaster to say the least; COVID put our supervisors out of business, which meant I lost our income! Shortly after that, I lost our house, and for a while I was at loose ends! Trying to find a work or a location to live in the middle of a pandemic is not easy, but finally an aged university buddy provided to let me live at his beach house until I got on our feet, but it’s rustic, to put it nicely, with spotty electricity, weak plumbing, and no central heating plus air conditioning system.

There is no a/c at all, and the heat comes from a large natural gas tank buried in the yard.

These are not the conditions I am used to, but as I said, I have no choice. At least this time of the year I don’t need to worry about a/c, because the Winter provides more cooling than I need! I do miss our smart control unit, though, or being able to make it as comfy as possible with a click on our cell iphone! Natural gas not only fuels the heater, but also the stove and the water boiler, so all of our eggs are in the same basket. I don’t like the smell of natural gas, so whenever I am not cooking, bathing, or using the heater, I consistently shut off the main valve to the tank. I keep telling myself this is all temporary and will also be over soon.


a/c rep