Let the HVAC professionals handle all of the HVAC replacement

The HVAC contractor came out to do the inspection prior to the installation

If I can find a way to save money, I’ll try to find it. This is something that sort of comes naturally as my parents were very thrifty. And I really admired that fact when I was a kid. They were never cheap about anything. In fact, they spent more money to get quality items. I did the same thing when I replaced the HVAC equipment in my house. My parents didn’t mind at all paying for quality. But they were very careful to make sure that if there was some money to be saved with some effort, they were all about it. That certainly has rubbed off on me. But I went a bit too far with all of that when it comes to the aforementioned HVAC replacement. This was something that I should have just left entirely to the HVAC professionals. However, my cost saving mind kicked in and I went too far this time. Now I have a piece of HVAC equipment that I’m trying to get rid of. That happens when you try to get a bit too cute. What I did was find out all the options for my new residential HVAC from the HVAC company. Then, I scoured the internet to find a cut rate or clearance price for the HVAC unit. And I found it. So naturally, I patted myself on the back and snapped it up. Then, I called the HVAC company to schedule the installation. That’s when I found out that I made a huge mistake. The HVAC contractor came out to do the inspection prior to the installation. Immediately, he showed me that I bought a model that was actually too small for the air volume inside my home. Ouch.

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