I hate boilers but everyone around here seems to have one

I really hate boilers but everyone around here seems to have one for some reason.

  • I think that it’s possibly becauseI live in an older neighborhood and so most of the houses are older.

One of the most common heating systems that you find in older homes up here where we live are boilers. Boiler heating systems heat up water and then distribute the hot water to different rooms in the house throughout a series of pipes. This ends up heating your home with the hot water. Hot water flows to radiators or radiant heating systems in the house, or steam is sent to radiators and used that way. Boilers are fueled by natural gas, heating oil, or propane. In my experience, all of these things can get pretty expensive during the winter months. We have really cold winters here,and while boilers do the job of heating up your home, I just don’t feel that they are the best heating system out there. I hate boilers. They are considered to be a central heating system because the heat that comes through the equipment gets spread throughout the house. But unlike an electric furnace or gas furnace, there’s always a lag time between when you turn on the boiler and the house actually starts heating up. I don’t really like that lag time at all, but I think that the worst part of having a boiler is wondering if it’s going to malfunction. I live in constant fear that my boiler is going to explode! I wish my house had a different heating system.

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