I can’t believe someone rented the camper

We rent campers out for a living and someone just rented one even though there is a foot of snow on the ground outside.

I seriously do not understand people around here.

Sometimes they just shock me, and you just don’t know what you’re gonna end up with. That’s how it is with a lot of people who rent the campers from us. Most of them are really nice, but once in a while you get a real weirdo. The person who just rented this camper said that they want to park it out in their driveway for a week. Mind you, the temperatures are freezing cold outside right now. Even though there is a heating system in the camper and it works pretty well, it’s still like a giant tin can on wheels. Even though the furnace is pretty good, it’s just not gonna stay warm and toasty inside of the camper for very long at all. As soon as the furnace cycles off again, it starts cooling off inside. I tried to explain this to the guy who wanted to rent it, but he just didn’t seem to get it. He said that he needed a place to move out of his house because his wife was mad at him. When he told me thatI was a little bit confused. I don’t know why he thinks that she will be done being mad at him after a week. Especially when he blows money to live in a camper outside of their house in the driveway. I guess that’s not really my problem though. I am just glad to be making money off of this guy. I just hope that the furnace keeps him warm enough while he has it.



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