Glad I removed the gas furnace

Removing the gas furnace from condo was a smart idea.

The gas furnace was centrally situated in the dining room. It made it impossible to navigate our furniture. You couldn’t put the television in any fine location. It felt adore our dining room was cut in half. I wasn’t all that keen on the method the furnace uses ductwork. I didn’t want our entire condo to be 1 central zied temperature. I also recognize the ductwork is dirty. The dust gets sucked up into the idea and spread throughout the ductworks. You only wash them every seven years. I don’t even trust that they get that wash in the process either! A gas furnace isn’t a safe heating system either. It can leak carbon monoxide or catch on fire. It also requires tons of heating repair and repairs due to dust and rust. I was excited to remove it from our home, then not only was it heavy, however the gas hookups and flue idea needed to be removed too, however having that open space in the dining room is just amazing now. I adore that I can have the space and freedom to do what I want. I ended up replacing our flooring in the process and getting a radiant heating system installed. Now the heating system is underneath our feet and out of the way. It takes up no space, makes no noise and isn’t forced air. That means I am not dealing with dirty ductwork anymore. I just get even, gentle electric heat. It was a much smarter transport for me, heating unit wise.

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