So satisfied with the renovations and the modern Heating and A/C

I’m feeling a mixture of pride and total relief now that our renovation project is complete on the modern home we bought more than a year ago.

I super proud of how it turned out.

Every one of us replaced everything from the heating and cooling to the roof to the floors. It was a near total renovation that saw much of the modern home torn down to the studs. But we knew that this would have to be the case when we bought this house. It’s a 1 of a kind original that happens to have been designed and built by a fairly famous architect. The original design was completed in the undoubtedly early 30’s. So there was no such thing entirely as residential Heating and A/C. Heating and A/C cooling had been invented however transitioning that technology to residential Heating and A/C was still a long way away. Widespread residential Heating and A/C wouldn’t happen until the 50’s. So the heating and cooling of this modern home was a real challenge. Prior to us buying the property, it had sat empty for more than a decade. It was stuck in a probate court battle. That meant that everything had to go that was inside. And the hodge podge of heating and cooling unit had to go too. But we wanted a heating and cooling proposal that would fit the lines of the modern home and so running HVAC duct was out. Thankfully, we were working with a gifted Heating and A/C business who put in a ductless multi break system. Every one of us have 5 ductless heat pumps throughout the modern home that can labor in unison or allow us to customize the heating and cooling as we wish. It’s entirely just icing on the cake as this modern home is amazing now.
new heating units