Mother in law plus HVAC repair nightmare

It’s so odd that it would turn out that the mother of my wifey would end up just hating me.

That’s odd because all my previous besties had moms that were so great.

Like I’m even still in contact with one of those girls the two of us got to be so close. But it’s hard to even share the a/c with my mother in law. And that’s just the painful facts of the matter. My wifey prefers to pretend this isn’t the case. I suppose you have to do whatever you have to do in that situation. Frankly, for 15 years, I just tried to stay the heck out of the way. Going to her family celebrations were good even though the heating plus cooling was always so uncomfortable for me as I’m from the south. Her family is from the north plus they just go ahead plus crank that gas furnace when it’s the holidays. So I’ve always done my part plus tried to just ignore all the disrespect that comes from my mother in law. Well then my father in law died plus that lady moved to live just hours away from us. This has forced me to interact with her more. And of course, I do what I can for her as she’s family. But when my wifey called to tell me that her mom was going to stay with us a month until her a/c was fixed, I had to do something. I called the HVAC contractor plus they offered to put portable cooling systems in her house while she waited for the new HVAC equipment. No way was I going a month with that person inside my home.

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