My Furnace Stopped Working At Night

Last night, just as I was about to go to bed, I realized that my bedroom was unusually cold. There are two air vents within my bedroom, so I listened quietly to hear the heat pour through them. I waited and waited, but nothing ever happened. I stood in front of both air vents and tried to feel the heat coming out, just in case I wasn’t hearing it. When I still couldn’t feel the heat, I went into my living room and found the thermostat. I raised the temperature by two degrees and waited for the furnace to kick on. Again, I waited and waited but nothing happened. When I returned to the thermostat, I noticed that the thermostat said my house felt like it was 67 even though I’d set it to 74 degrees. This was the moment when I realized that my furnace wasn’t working. I didn’t want to call the emergency line with the local HVAC company because it would cost me almost double. However, I didn’t want to freeze in the middle of the night either. I decided to try and solve the problem myself before calling the HVAC company. The first thing I did was check the air filter. My old air filter didn’t look terrible, but I replaced it anyway. Next, I went to check if any of the breakers were tripped. Sure enough, something had tripped the breaker and caused my furnace to stop working. Thankfully, I was able to flip it back and my furnace began to heat my home again.

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