It was 95°, our windows were up, the car top was down, and the AC was on.

When my husband retired, I swear he went through a second childhood.

  • He said it was time for us to have fun and enjoy her life, but I think he meant it was time for us to do some playing.

One morning he woke me up at 5 AM to tell me he wanted to go shopping. He said he had been thinking about a long time and he finally decided that it was what he wanted to do. I did not know what he was babbling about, since I hadn’t even had coffee and the sun was barely up over the mountain. At 7 AM, he was dragging me out the door. I asked what he was so eager to buy, and he looked at me like I had three heads. I just stood there and stared at him as he told me he had been telling me we were going shopping for a car. We were already in the car and I was pinching my nose when he grabbed my hand. He said he wanted to find a two-seater convertible that only he and I and not even the grandkids could get into. Two weeks later, we were driving around in our brand new cherry red Corvette. It was 95° outside, the car top was down, the windows were up, and the air conditioning was on high. I thought a convertible meant you didn’t need air conditioning. He said when you couldn’t have the windows down; you had to have the air conditioning. I told him we could put the windows down, and he laughed. He told me that no owner of a convertible would be caught driving without air conditioning when it was 95° out and the windows were up.

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