HVAC contractor comes through for us

We weren’t so sure that we really even wanted to build our own house.

Given all the horror stories we’d heard from friends over the years, we thought it might be better to just buy another house.

But the fact that we made so much money from selling our old house really made building a custom home really appealing. When we upgraded the HVAC equipment among a few other improvement we did on the old house, we never thought we’d sell our house for that much. It’s just sort of inconceivable that our home appreciated that much. And it’s a house that we owed exactly nothing on. We’d paid off the house long before we even upgraded the HVAC equipment. So all that money was there to provide for the design we wanted in our new home. And a big part of that was the HVAC equipment we chose. It was the sort of HVAC equipment that we had to find the right HVAC contractor just to get it installed. The geothermal heat pump is really about the most efficient source of heating and cooling one can find. And it’s still the sort of residential HVAC that is super comfortable as well. Actually, the radiant floor heating is a big plus for me. I love this sort of HVAC heating as it’s so cozy and close. But due to how the geo heat pump works, the HVAC contractor really has to know just what they are doing. And we had to hunt down the right HVAC contractor to make all of this come together. But in the end, that’s exactly what happened. That HVAC professional came through for us and we are experiencing the best quality heat and air or our lives.

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