Moving comes with a change to the heat pump and I love it

It’s pretty cool to get all of our heating and cooling from just 1 source.

  • Since we’ve moved way down south, we no longer have a need for the gas furnace as part of the winter.

Actually, there really isn’t much call for actually much HVAC heating in this area. And when we do need a bit of the HVAC heating, the heat pump is more than capable of coming through for us. I wasn’t so sure what we were going to be getting into when it came to trusting both the heating and cooling to the heat pump. But it sure seemed like the vast majority of other homeowners were making the same bet. I really don’t guess I’ve seen a peculiar form of residential HVAC since I moved down here other than the heat pump. And obviously, it works well or it wouldn’t be quite so universal. Still, when we got that first frosty snap, I wanted to find out just how moderate the heat pump could be. And it only took a few hours to realize that our HVAC heating needs were in good hands with the heat pump. Of course, the main output for the heat pump comes in the summer. It’s so much more sizzling and humid down here than I’ve ever experienced. Yet, the HVAC cooling offered by the heat pump does a stellar job of keeping us comfortable enough to manage the summer. I have to say that given what I believe now, I would really trade a gas furnace for the heat pump again. That’s as long as it came with a move to warmer winters like the 1 I’m experiencing now.

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