It was a fantastic thing mom and dad had a king-sized bed.

Nowadays, nearly everyone has a whole house Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan and zone control.

When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s, the two of us did not have heating in our upstairs. Both of us counted on 1 main register that sat in the middle of the hallway to pull enough heat from downstairs to sizzling our study rooms. I remember times when my dad would block off the register, mom would put curtains up to the stairwell, and the two of us would all sleep in the residing room to stay sizzling and cozy. It was a camping in the middle of your residing room type of night. I remember 1 particular night, when it was nearly 20° below zero outside, and our windows were covered with ice, and the two of us could not sleep because the two of us were shivering so badly. Both of us did not guess the furnace had quit working, but dad did. One by 1, the four of us teenagers crept over to mom and dad’s room and quietly curled up next to mom. It wasn’t until my older sibling came over and hopped in bed that the two of us realized daddy wasn’t there. Mom told us to curl up underneath the covers and try to get some sleep while she threw on her robe and headed downstairs. Several hours later, I heard mom and dad talking as they were coming up the steps. Dad was talking about how they had to get a current furnace because he did not want to need to go separate from heat again. Mom agreed about the furnace, and she laughed and asked what they were going to do about sleeping tonight? Dad said they did not need a furnace tonight, as they both crawled into the 1 side of the bed where the two of us hadn’t spread out.


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